Friday, February 1, 2008

It's The KING!! (And I don't mean Elvis!)

Well folks, I'll tell you what. It don't git much better'n this!
We had the most AMAZING, EXCITING time last night! We got to see "The King" !! That's right! Here he is.........hold on to your seats!



Are you still breathing?? We have a local restaurant called "The Chatterbox" which is often the home of many classic cars. There is always one showcased inside, and in the summer they have Sat. night set aside for cruisin! The place is covered in classic cars. They also do "biker" night and "corvette" night too! The boys love this.
Right now it is the resting spot for "The King", who's owner apparently lives in NJ! And for all of you "CARS" fans, this is THE car that Disney used for the movie. In case you don't believe me....

This car spent some time with Disney/Pixar for the making of the film. This makes everything even more spectacular!! The boys were SOOOOOOOOOOO excited! Can't you tell?

It was a night to remember, that's for sure!! Lot's of fun was had by all!


Jen said...

SOOOOO COOL! My boys would love that too! We miss the Chatterbox - *sigh* - hope you are all doing well and staying healthy :)

Anonymous said...

I've been to that restaurant!!!! We went with your mom around Christmastime 2005, I think. Ellie loved it.
Give your beautiful boys big smooches from me, okay?

Pop Pop said...

Cool car!

Bill said...

Great smiles!

nancypants said...

How fun!! My boys are jealous! We have a friend who is an animator at Pixar so we got to go there and tour the place (umm... I want to work there when I grow up... they ride scooters and inline skates around the place, have a gourmet "cafeteria," a swimming pool, sand volley ball, a soccer field, work out facilities and they can decorate their offices anyway they want... they only start asking questions when you decide to knock holes in the walls. LOL) and we met "the real Nemo." :^D

What a cool restaurant! Wish we lived close to it!