Monday, March 23, 2009

Random Picture......

I haven't put up any pics in a while, and I am working on some recent ones, but since I am soooo tired from an "oh-so-crazy" weekend with our "Oh-so-wild-and-crazy-friends-who-also-have-several-children-making-the-total-number-of-little-friends-here-in-my-house-13", I have decided to open up a folder of pics from March of last year and see what I get. ( looking for the date closest to today's)

This is what I came up with.... they made a tent with my comforter. I don't really remember this, but it sure is cute. It's fun looking at random pictures every now and then! I am loving Sean's chubby cheeks in this pic! Yummy!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Ok.... I haven't posted in a while and I am certain I am writing this for no one because all of my devoted readers have lost interest. I am working on a post for you about the women's retreat/seminar I went to on Saturday at my church. Sorry it isn't ready yet, Judy! :)
So in the meantime, I was thinking..... since you are all aware that my boys are on a HUGE Star Wars kick, you would probably be interested to know ALL the things with which a light saber can be made from! There's so much more than you would guess! Oh! Do tell, you say!
Alrighty then!
lets see....... and lest you forget, these are made even despite the fact that they all have ACTUAL LIGHT SABERS that spring out, light up, make noise, and who knows what else. ( why did we pay money for these things?)
1. straws. I am going thru a lot of straws lately.
2. sticks. that's an obvious one
3. construction paper. rolled up and taped to stay in place.
4. Lego's. but these are tricky. you know how Lego's are... if you make the saber too long, it will fall apart. very frustrating for the young Jedi knights.
5. here's an interesting one.... my prenatal vitamins. yep. they are pretty long- horse pills! And I hate taking them. Sean insists on "helping me" take them every morning. and as he is giving them to me he holds one in his little chubby hand and says," Mommy! I Darth Vader!"
Oh good. can I have my vitamin now, before it melts in your hand, Darth?
6. here's another good one.. they will actually draw a light saber on white paper, color it, and then cut it out. then they attempt to fight with that thin, floppy, skinny piece of paper. I don't remember seeing in the movie anyone dying of a paper cut, but it might happen here.
7. clay/playdoh this works pretty well, I have to admit.
8. cheese curls. yes, the delicious, yet messy orange snack food. this is the messiest kind of light saber. And it is hard to fight the enemy when you have eaten your weapon.
ok. I'm tired. I think there are more, but this is wearing me out. Remember when I said I thought they would NEVER get out of their CARS phase? Oh have mercy.

a long , long time ago.......
somewhere in the house, probably the kitchen,
A mother was desperately seeking help from
ANYONE who could put an end to the never
ending saga of battles and heroes and star
ships. And princesses that also use guns
and who never have to cook for the Jedi's
or get them a hundred snacks a day or
have to tell them to pick up all their light
sabers and helmets and masks and robes
that they left lying around on the floor of
the star ship. house. And to remember to
flush. And wash their hands. Because you
don't want to have the enemy cut off
your hand if it's dirty.
Will someone, anyone come and rescue this mother
from the evils that surround her every day,
and bring peace and order to the galaxy? or to
even just one spot in this house?