Sunday, February 17, 2008

random thoughts from Jeff

Jeff here...

All 5 of us have this stuffy, sneezy, runny, cough-y, thing going on. Danielle went to church to sing in the choir & teach junior church, and the boys & I stayed home & watched kids movies all day. I spent part of the morning listening to sermons online from a minister that I've gotten to know a little out in Kansas. Handel's Messiah and Hosea. no, not in the same sermon... Check it out here if you like.

In other news, Ryan, Kevin, and I found a frozen dead possum behind the garage yesterday. That was exciting!! Mystery stew for dinner tonight??

Oh, and I wanted to share with all of you (3 or 4 readers strong!) something that I learned last week. It's very profound and insightful. Here it is...Never, never, ever tell your wife that she's cranky, especially if she really is!! 'nuff said...


Bill said...

Sniffles + Movies ='d a great day with Daddy.
Thanks for the website.
Danielle did a great job ministering for the Lord today.
Possum Stew; don't forget the garlic.
Spousal Feedback...Amen...Your love for each other far out-does an ocassional fopaw (sp?)!
(25-33% of your readers agree on these observations!)

Jeff said...

I would just like to add that the cranky comment is made even worse if you're laughing when you say it!!

Danielle said...

Any man who feels it is necessary to tell his wife she is "cranky", even if she is, has just won himself a free ticket to the dog house!
By the way, when a woman is cranky, SHE KNOWS IT.
* But all is forgiven, please refer to our Valentine's Day post!

Anonymous said...

You know that frozen dead possum in your backyard? Well, he just told his wife she was cranky, too.