Monday, February 4, 2008

A GIANT Victory

Jeff here...

They said we couldn't beat Dallas, they said we couldn't beat Green Bay, and they said we definitely couldn't beat the 18-0 "perfect" Patriots. Well, I say, let the nay-sayers say nay! The Big Blue Wrecking Crew has proven all the doubters wrong, and are the victorious Super Bowl XLII Champions!!! QB Eli Manning and Coach Coughlin have cemented their place in NY/NJ sports history. Manning, who was the whipping boy of the sports writers as recently as 6 weeks ago, took the helm and led a phenomenal 4th qtr offense that proved impossible for the Patriots to stop. The Big Blue Defense made Tom Brady look like a confused rookie at some points. Don't get me wrong, the Giants committed some mistakes that might have cost them the game, but the Patriots were not able to capitalize on them. Ah, what a game. Quite possibly the best football game I have ever watched. Even better than watching Scott Norwood's field goal attempt go wide right back in 1986 when the Giants beat the Bills 20-19. Hey Patriots - cheaters never prosper!!


The Crazy Bus said...

From what I hear, this was a most extraordinary game! Sorry Pats fans! As for me, after I put the boys to bed, I sat down with a huge cup of warm milk and a handful of oreos, and enjoyed "The Odd Couple". ( Walter Matthau & Jack Lemmon). I've seen this several times before, but it still is good for a night of laughs! Fma! Fma! :)

Anonymous said...

Did you see this shirt?