Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

" A magnificent marriage begins not with knowing each other, but with knowing God."

I thank the Lord everyday for a wonderful marriage to a sweet man who has been my Valentine for a very long time! Not just my Valentine, but my best friend!

Happy Valentine's Day, Jeff!

Love, Danielle


Jeff said...

Baby, you're the greatest!!!

It's hard to believe that picture was over 10 years ago! I love you more than ever!

You look even more beautiful now than you did then! And I have more grey hairs!

10 years, a house, and 3 kids later...My how God has blessed us!

I love you too sweets!

AJF said... sappy dude!

PopPop said...

What a great couple...great parents too!

nancypants said...

What a precious picture! Glad you had a happy V-day with your sweetie!! :^D