Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cold Weather and Catastrophy

It's cold outside. Although not as cold as some places. A favorite blog I like to visit of a mom with three boys, has temps in her area around -28 degrees with a real feel of -52. I don't know why they say "real feel" when at temps that cold, you really can't feel anything.
So what's a mom to do when it's that cold out and you have a house full of rambunctious boys?
A. get silly
B. get creative
C. go crazy??
D. get crazy glue???
E. Pray!

After considering the above options, I have decided I am way too cranky and hormonal at this time to successfully accomplish option "A", and probably also "B". Option "C" looks pretty good from here. I'm all out of option "D". That leaves option "E". This would be the best one. God's Word tells us to "pray without ceasing". This is actually very easy, and takes very little effort. You can also do many other tasks while praying at the same time! This is great for those of us who LOVE to multi-task! That's me!

On a lighter note.....what do you do when you are about to be hit by a piece of steel the size of a small bus, filled with radioactive jet fuel, approaching at alarming speeds? Hmm. Let us ponder this.......
The newspaper on Monday stated that there is such a piece of metal (a spy satellite), that has "fallen" out of orbit and is hurdling towards the Earth. It is said that it could hit the Earth sometime in February or March. Where? Noone is certain. Great. The good news is that other satellites have fallen to Earth and done relatively little damage. That's good. The bad news is if the radioactive "stuff" inside should come in contact with people, it can be of great consequence. Not good.

Well, God's Word also tells us not to worry. Again I am back to option "E" and I am sure today and the next and the next will be just fine. I'm thankful for every day the Lord gives me and my family. Even if it is cold.


Pop Pop said...
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Pop Pop said...

You're an ispiration...Thanks for the encouragement!