Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's Negative!

Ryan's Lyme's test came back negative! Praise the Lord! I hate these little bugs. Just a day after hearing good news from the Dr about Ryan, we found a tick on Sean that was so embedded, we could not remove it. We had to take him to the Dr the next morning. Thankfully she was able to remove it(although it was not easy. It took both of us to hold him down. He fought us so hard that when we were done, there were fingernail marks in his legs from my grip. I felt so bad.)

We check the kids every night when they get dressed for bed(or after their bath). When we find one, we kill it the proper way:

First, after plucking the evil bug from the child's skin, squeeze the tweezers as hard as you can. This will begin the suffering. Then place it on a tissue, as to have a clean view of the bug. Then, using the largest and sharpest knife in the house, chop said bug into many teenie tiny pieces. Next, light bug on fire. After the bug has been reduced to ash, take it to the bathroom and flush it down the toilet. (Better flush twice so you know it's gone).

Here's something for you to enjoy. And I know I don't have to tell you this, but... do a tick check ever day!
ps- press the pause button on my playlist first before viewing.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Real Life Thursday-ooops I forgot!

I forgot to do this yesterday! This week's theme for "It's Real Life" is called "How I Roll".
Here's a picture of my "wheels". A 2000 Honda Odyssey. Pretty sweet.

Here's the best bumper sticker ever-

My front console-

Let's see....we have my purse and diaper bag on the passenger seat, on the tray are some miscellaneous papers that I am sure I don't need anymore, but never make it to the trash. Also a kids cup(with cars on it. What else!) In the other cup holder is a toy garbage truck and my chapstick. Oh, and look- I forgot I had put a bag of baby carrots in the car from earlier today. Thanks Grandma!

In the first row of seats is where we have Sean's chair.

This is a picture of the cookie crumbs by Sean's step stool. Usually there are a few lollipop sticks as well, but I just cleaned a lot out from our trip at the shore.

In the back row-Ryan and Kevin's chairs and a small tub for some toys they like to have in the car.

Here's the back( where the bench folds into,) It's pretty empty this time. On the left is our portable dvd player, still in the car from the shore trip. On the right are a few bags to go to the thrift shop. Lots of crumbs back there. Why back there? What do they do, throw food over their shoulders?

That's Sean wondering why I am taking pictures of the car.

So, that's how I (we) roll!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What A Day....

Well, I took Ryan to the Dr today. I'm a bit suspicious of him having Lyme's Disease. The Pediatrician doesn't seem to think so, and that is good. I want to make sure, because if something like this is let go, Ryan will be much worse off.( And I probably wouldn't forgive myself for ignoring his complaints).
Soooooo, I had to break the news to him about going to you know, the Dr. And having to you know, give blood.
It wasn't accepted well. But I assured him I would have nothing but "special things" for him afterwards, since he was going to have to be a big boy today. So he agreed.

First, we went to the Pediatrician, who did his check, and then said to go on ahead to you know, the lab.

On the way there, we stopped by a good friend of ours who is a master upholsterer of classic cars.( Have I ever mentioned before how much Ryan loves ( is obsessed with) classic cars?

anyhoo, of course I forgot the camera, but he was working on the inside of one of these...

A 1940 Ford Sedan. Except the one he had was a really awesome shade of dark blue, and the inside was going to be a wonderful tan cloth/brown leather mix. oh, it was amazing!

Then he let Ryan see another he would be working on soon- a Chevy Impala-but I forget the year.....

It looked a lot like this one. Ryan was in his glory!!

Well, after that, it was time to go to the lab. We got there at 11:00, and they informed us that there would be about a 2 hr wait. (torture!)

So I left and took him to Mc Donald's, of course! That was a treat, since we never go there. He even got a Luke Sky walker toy! Then he started asking me a whole bunch of questions about Star Wars. ( which he has never seen). Ok, I've seen enough to answer the basics, but I hardly know enough about Light Sabers and space ships to answer the barrage of questions that were thrown at me! Ugh! So we finished, and went back to the lab

We got there and waited about 40 minutes before we were called, only to find out that she just wanted our paperwork, it wasn't really time for us to go in. (more torture). About another 30 minutes later we were finally called in. Ryan was scared, but he did a good job. ( I thought for sure it was going to take 3 Dr's 4 nurses and me to get this done-or some heavy sedation), but he gave them his arm, and he got through it. He cried , but he was a trooper! I was so proud of him!

So proud in fact, that after they gave him about three rolls of stickers for being so good, I took him straight over to DQ for ice cream.

Whew! Thank goodness that was over! Now, Not only am I exhausted from running around and from my nerves, but now my stomach is about to jump ship. I truly hope and pray that the test comes back negative. Please keep him in your prayers, and I'll let you know what we find out in a few days!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Zucchini Bread!

Well, it's that time of year again. That time when friends hand you zucchini's from their garden because they have them coming out their ears. Or when you wake up in the morning and find a small pile of zucchinis on your porch that were left there by some little garden fairy. Or you hear a knock at your door, and when you answer it, there is a zucchini on the step in front of you, but no one around.

Has anyone NOT been given some zucchini yet?

Some friends of ours gave us two. Here's what we did with them.(and by we, I mean me and the boys, in what turned out to be a cooking and cleaning demo....don't get me started. *sigh* )

Ok. Remember now. I have three (ravenous)boys. We made these around midday. The first loaf was gone by 5:00. That's right. I'm lucky I even got a taste!

Today-the day after we made them, the second loaf is 3/4 gone at dinnertime.

Yes, it is good. The boys are fully aware that it has zucchini and that zucchini is a vegetable, and that it is good for you, but like I said...It is gooood.

Sean on the other hand, will just eat anything that even slightly resembles cake.

Here's the recipe I used, which was my mom's. Thanks mom! Sorry it won't last long enough for you to get a taste. Next year I'll have to make I dunno, like two dozen loaves. That should get us through a day or two.

3 eggs

2 1/2 c sugar

1 c oil

2 c grated zucchini

3 c flour

2 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp salt

1 c finely chopped walnuts ( optional) -the loaves I made this time did not have any nuts in them.

( I did add a dash of nutmeg and small splash of vanilla as well, which was not in the recipe. I know, I am a rebel)

Mix DRY ingredients together in a bowl-EXCEPT THE SUGAR

in the bowl for your mixer, blend eggs and sugar til creamy.

Add to the egg and sugar mix, the oil and the zucchini

Then slowly add dry ingredients until mixed well. Add nuts last.

Grease and flour two loaf pans

* I used lard to grease them with, and then instead of flour, I shook sugar around the bottom and sides. This makes for a nice sweet outer crust when it's done, and the sugar does not burn)

BAKE @350 for 1 hour

Insert toothpick or tester to make sure it's done- stick should come out clean.

Voila! There you have it. Your kids will devour it and BEG you for more!

The best is when you warm it up a little and spread butter on it. Yummy!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Rest Of The Story

So, as promised, here are some of the pictures from Fantasy Island. This was an especially important night, because for the first time ever, the boys went on the rides by themselves!
Much to my delight, I saw more smiles than tears.

This smile is one of Ryan's best ever! He was so happy because he was in the front seat of the green car he wanted to sit in. He had all the controls too. He waited for that one.

Why is it that the smalles child chooses the biggest truck?

Sean's first ride with Kevin.

The boat ride

I'll let Jeff post about the Reptile World Show with Michael Schwedick. He is amazing at showing his collection of snakes,lizards and the like in an interesting and sometimes comedic way. Here's a picture of his snake Banana Peel. He does shows around the world-mostly for schools. Luckily, we get to see him every year at LBI. The kids love it!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

At The Shore.....

Ahhh. There's nothing like it! Feeling the sand between your toes (and in your suit.and ears. and hair. you get the picture). Breathing in that salty air. Getting cleaned up from a long day at the beach using the outside shower! (Love that!) And eating from dusk til dawn. Yum!
Boy did we have a great time! We had wonderful beach weather. And this time the boys were not afraid of the water!

Although I wasn't able to get pictures of everything, I can share with you some pics as well as tell you of some of the exciting things we encountered!
Such as....
On our first day there, we went to the beach and were lucky enough to see Dolphins swimming by! Not only that, but a little while later, we spotted a group of stingrays right in the breakers! (Later finding out that reported sightings of them had made the news!)

Looking upward, we spotted several Pelicans who were hanging around for a bit, but none of them ever swooped down for anything. After I had taken Sean back to the house for a much needed "dwink", the boys came back and told me how excited they were that a man who was fishing on the beach caught a Kingfish! Wooooo! That's one heck of a first day at the beach!

Day two was just as exciting, seeing jellyfish (you know, the little clear ones that don't sting,so you pick them up and jiggle them and then throw them like a frisbee!), as well as many sand crabs and teeny teeny tiny digging clams by the millions! Also we found this little fellow..

And a majestic Egret in our backyard!

The boys really enjoyed seeing this on the sand....

That's pretty cool!

Then we did a little of this...

And fed quite a few of these....

Any of you who frequent LBI know about Fantasy Island, the amusement park there. We also had a great time there and went on the rides. (This was an extra exciting time, but I think I'll save it for tomorrow's post).

It was such a great time. The whole week was just packed full of great stuff. We stayed in our usual house in Beach Haven with my mom and my Aunt and her teenage son. We loved it and most of all, the boys made a lot of fantastic memories.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I Can Smell The Salt Air Already!

Tomorrow we leave for LBI! We'll be there til Saturday, soakin up the sun and playin in the sand! See ya when we get back-maybe a bit tanner than tonight! (Hopefully).

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Arch Enemy and Worst Nightmare

The elusive,vile and utterly loathsome.......

Camel Cricket. *gulp*

Given his name for the shape of his humped back, and looooong, lanky legs.

Unlike the teeny little ones that hop lightly around your garden singing their little midnight songs(which usually are endlessly annoying), this cricket does not make any noise. From his size (which can be up to 1 and 1/2 inches long),you would think he would let out a healthy deep bellowing CHHIIRRRRP!

No, my friends. He is stealthy. He is fearless. When you attempt to remove him from his new habitat(your basement), he JUMPS! HIGH! LIKE 3 FEET HIGH AND I AM SO NOT JOKING! YOUR SWINGS WITH THE BROOM ARE OF NO USE! HE JUMPS WILLY NILLY IN ALL DIRECTIONS, MAKING YOU DIZZY!

To our advantage, he does not bite. He only stares at you with his buggy eyes and waves his giant, mile long antennae at you, threatening to jump at any moment, if only you turn your back for a second!

They are not easy to catch or to kill. They are extremely fast! And when they do happen to be flattened by your broom, they play dead! Do you hear me? They fake it! When you think you have beat him and go to check on his poor little lifeless body saying"what have I done?" he springs into action and tries to jump in your hair! You run away screaming in terror!

When the broom is handed off to the stronger, MUCH braver husband to "finish the job", the bad bug is finally crushed into oblivion ( as well as into the carpet). At this point, any unwise attempt of the husband to pick up the deceased creature and "dangle" it in front of the terrified wife who is huddled in a heap on the floor crying hysterically, will be UNFORGIVEN.

When we first moved into our new house two years ago, we had many of these horrid things coming in. The hero of our household(aka: My Hunky Hubby) managed to plug up any and all possible passages and ports of entry. We saw none the second year.

This summer we have had less than a dozen. Although this week, we have had two or three in only a matter of a few days. There must be a weakness in the fortress somewhere.

These hideous creatures must be kept away at ALL costs!. They are soooooo not my friends. The only other bug I truly dislike very much are spiders. Though I might, in this instance even say, "Hey. Mister spider. I'll make you a deal. You eat the camel cricket, and I won't squash you."

But honestly, if a spider tried to eat one of these things he would choke for sure.

I hope none of you ever discover one of these in your homes. It's the stuff nightmares are made of.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Conversations with Kevin Part II

Kevin ( closely examining Daddy's unshaven face): "Daddy, you have silver pokes and orange pokes and black pokes! You need to shave!"

Daddy: Thank You for pointing that out to me, Kevin. I appreciate that."


Kevin (at dinner table): "Daddy, which one is the salt?"
Daddy: " The white one."
Kevin (disappointed) "Oh, I was hoping it was the brown one."
Sean (adding his two cents) "Bwown One!!"

In case you forgot Conversations w/Kevin Part 1, you may enjoy it again here

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Great Week at WOL Family Campground!

We had a blast at WOL! We were very blessed. It was sunny and warm, there were great people, and we made new friends! (big shout out to Lawn-Guy-lund!) hee hee. There were great speakers that helped us really "dig in" to the Word each day, and the kids had lots of fun in their programs, and with us as a family. We are so excited to go back! We even booked it for next year already!! Here are some of the pics from the week....

Here's a big beaver dam we found on the pond.

There was a great playground there for the kids.

The boys are getting ready to go out in a rowboat with Mommy and Daddy. Look how unhappy Sean is with having to wear the vest. Sorry Buddy! (He got over it.)

Here's the beach at Andrew's Pond where they hold the big campfires. See the wood is already stacked up for that night's fire.

Here's the fire!

We had lots of smores and lots of fun, and I don't think we will ever forget this trip! We are so happy we went!

We are working on our "Quiet Time" devotion books we bought there. We do it every day, and the boys know that by the time we are finished with the whole book ( 1 yr), it will be time for camp again! We can't wait!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Still Unpacking......

Alright, we've been back for two days now, and I still haven't unpacked everything yet. All I have accomplished so far was to wash all the smoke scented clothes! Oh, and give the boys a much needed bath! Since we've been home, we've gone to church( late service this time, but we promised we'd go :), visited family who are here from Minnesota, and today I had two crowns done at the Dentist's. Ugh! Remember my last visit to the Dentist? Wouldn't want things to get too boring around here!

I'm trying to get our pictures uploaded and am having a wee bit of trouble. I promise I'll get them up asap! Right now I need to finish my soup dinner, which even though it has soft noodles, is still causing me to repeatedly bite my cheek.

That's all I got.