Friday, February 22, 2008

The Great "Spot" Caper!

Boy, when you take your child to a medical specialist, you can believe they know what they are talking about! After two visits to the pediatrician and not making any headway as to a diagnosis for Ryan's "mysterious" spots/blotches, we took him to a dermatologist. This is the person whom should know about all things SKIN.
He said that what Ryan had was viral and has to run it's course, which in his experience has been known to be 2 to 3 months.
THE NEXT DAY after the Dr's visit, they started to clear up, and now two days more, I can hardly see them.
He started getting them right after Christmas-end of Dec. Now we are nearing the end of Feb. Sounds like this Dr was right on the money! We have a check up set with him for mid April, but I know he will not find any spots!
I am soooooo happy, and relieved. Praise God!
All the rest of us seem to be on the upswing, and are feeling a bit better. Today we are snowed in! That means.......... you guessed it!
Too bad we went through all of this and it was still only 9am! But we are having a good time!
Here's a question for ya.... Guess which child put the green marker in his mouth?

Note the two shades of green here...dark green on the mouth and a lovely lighter shade under the nose! Hee hee!


Bill said...

Great Pics!
Praise the Lord for healing R's spots!

Bill said...

Help...I'm stuck in "Bill"...PopPop