Thursday, February 14, 2008

Props to the "Slogger"

Ok. What do you get when you have:
1. a sick mommy
2. a camera with no batteries
3. an ice storm that causes a power outage with no electricity and no heat???????
Answer: No Blog Post.

Aside from all that, now that things are a bit "clearer" around here, I must give "props" so to speak to my absolutley wonderful, oh so manly, and very good lookin husband o'mine. Also heretofore known as "The Slogger".
This is because he spent a great deal of time shoveling half-ton slush and ice from our driveway, in the pouring rain. Also for getting up on ladders and clearing out the ice plugged gutters, in the pouring rain, and becoming soaked through to the bone. All this to protect his family from certain DOOM. And the topper: a freezing cold, wet man came into the house only to be welcomed by a cold, heatless environment, and an inability to make any hot drinks whatsoever. Poor thing. And this is what the wet man said...... " I slogged thru the slush for you!"

To that I say: Thank you! Noone has ever done that for me before!

I checked on webster's online dictionary to see what the definition of "slogger" was, just in case it was something profane that I should not be calling my husband!
It said: 1. someone who walks in a laboroius, heavy-footed manner. (ok, that kind of fits....)
2. someone who works slowly and monotonously for long hours. (that's about right, although we must add: while wet)
3. A boxer noted for an ability to deliver hard punches. (ok, this doesn't really fit, but I'm sure my honey could go a few rounds! )
Anyway, This post goes totally to my Great, Wonderful, "Slogging" husband. Who took care of his family when we needed him!
We Love you! And we are so very Thankful for you!!
Love Always,
Mommy and the boys

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