Friday, February 8, 2008

Mud Magnets

Where there is mud.............there are boys. They are drawn to it. It is in their very nature. This trait is known to not be in the female make-up. Which could be why MOM has a hard time standing back to watch & just "let them be".
Truly, there was only one "itty bitty" wet spot! They found it. And it became larger.......

At one point, Ryan came over to me offering what looked like a "mud meatball". He had covered one of Daddy's golf balls completely in mud and held it up to me between his two tiny fingers. Mmmmm!

They had a great time outside enjoying the nice weather. They ran alot( which means bedtime will be cake!) It's too bad I didn't get pictures of them when they broke out the shovels and rakes and really got to work on that mud!

Relax Mom. It's ok.

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Anonymous said...

I wish we had mud. :) Your pictures make me miss the east coast. A lot.