Monday, February 16, 2009

Fresh Air...

Well, Jeff left for Kentucky yesterday. We miss him terribly already, and will have to wait until Saturday to have him back! The kids are finally getting better from the tummy bug that has rampaged our house over the last several weeks. It decided to go through each of us -one -at-a-time, instead of together.

I don't really know which would be worse.

Today and tomorrow the kids have no school. I took them outside to play for a little fresh air today. Hopefully to blow the rest of the germs off them! it was cold and a bit windy, but very sunny. We were out for around a half hour, and we had all had enough.

Some nice hot chocolate did the trick to get us warm. Too bad Kevin spilled his all over himself....

I didn't plan on him warming up that way....

Oh well. Hopefully the rest of the day will go quickly.

I don't have my camera, because Jeff took it on the trip, so I can't give you any pics of them having fun outside. So I decided to pick a random picture from February of last year. I tried to get the folder from approximately the same week. Here's what I ended up with:

We apparently had a nice sunny day last Feb too. This picture could have easily been taken today. Even the snow in the driveway and the neighbor's yard looks the same!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day, with no more sickness at all!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh Baby!

Gotta love baby give-aways! Especially when you are going to have a new baby!
I hope I win this one!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Death and Dismemberment

Wow. That's a gruesome title. Don't worry, it's nothing serious. It's just that lately with the StarWars kick the boys are on, they have been doing a lot of role playing from the various movies. Of course, since I am the one who's home with them during the day, I am the one who has to repeatedly suffer an untimely death (by way of the light saber of course). I have died several times just today, as a matter of fact. I also had one or sometimes both of my hands cut off. I am terrible at faking that I am dead. I have been told to stop moving and stop opening my eyes many times.
They never let me win.
They also have many of the StarWars action figures that they love to play with. The only problem is that all of them have body parts that are removable. All their tiny heads come off(and the helmets too). As well as the arms and legs, hands, clothing,etc. Some of these poor guys will never be put back together. I am sure I sucked up Anakin Skywalker's hand in the vacuum. But that's ok with them, because in the movie he loses his arm in a fight, so now it's more realistic.
Oh good. Glad to help.
At any given time during the day, I will see a head on the dining room table, or a hand on the kitchen counter. How am I supposed to keep track of all these body parts? Now I am supposed to be looking for some bad guy's light saber that has gone missing. It has to be the blue one-wait the dark blue one. And it has to be the one with the totally silver handle. Not the black and silver handle. ugh
Those light sabers are the size of a pretzel stick. Not even-definitely thinner. Actually I would say more like a toothpick. So this is what I am reduced to on a daily basis. Finding missing body parts and trying to stay alive while three boys with light sabers attack me.
Does anyone else have this problem?
You know, I wouldn't have it any other way, but this little girl can't be born soon enough!