Monday, May 19, 2008

Some New Reading Material

We went to the library and found some great new books! I think we grabbed about 6 or 7 today. One of them was called "I'm Mighty!"

This one is by the same author of the other book we love...."I Stink!" (see my prior post about that cool book here)This one is fun too. We were excited that we found it. The boys said, "It's I stink's friend!"
Two others we picked up were:

These were both very cute also. The boys liked the one where the llama had enough of shopping with his mom and threw a fit by throwing everything out of the shopping cart! Yes, it is very funny on paper. Lucky for them they haven't done that!

Here's a very rare picture of the two older ones reading together. I'll tell ya, when they fight, they fight! But when they are nice to each other it is very sweet. I was lucky to capture this moment.

Then there's Sean, who just kept himself busy trying to escape the camera. I got him, though! And what a smile!

Then they all decided to take off. Oh well, It was nice while it lasted!

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Bill said...

Great Pics!
I think they're going to grow up best friends (all 3) after all.