Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day!

Alright, I know, I know! I haven't blogged in a week! A lot has happened! Thursday I had a dear friend come to my house and do a Premier Jewelry party. This is a Christian rooted company, and a family friend is starting her own business selling it. It is beautiful and reasonably priced! After my party was done,I got to pick from $135 in free jewelry!! Woo hoo!
Then Friday we left for a camping weekend, which my Hunky Hubby posted about here. We had a great time! We tried out our camper for the very first time. The boys slept wonderfully in it, despite my fears of waking up before the birds!

We left the campsite Sunday eve, because on Monday, Jeff had to drive down to the shore to his Aunt's house to pick up a couch from them.

The picture doesn't really do it justice, but it is a nice tan leather that matches our new paint color in the living room much better than our old couch. (Which held on for ten years, and was a very hardy couch!) Here's a pic of what the old set looked like. grey plaid. We still have the chair, but eventually we'd like to get a nice recliner for that corner.

While Jeff was traveling, I took the boys to a Memorial Day parade, where we met up with some of their friends. They had a great time!

They liked these tractors. I parked on a side street right next to them. The boys look so small by them!

Here come the fire trucks! The best part was that they throw candy to the kids! Watching the kids scramble around for the candy when it hits the ground is pretty funny.

Here is Sean eating a Tootsie Roll.( One of the longer ones). Notice he is eating it like corn on the cob. I never thought of trying it that way.

Here are all the kids watching the parade, while Sean sits on the bench still working on his precious tootsie roll.

I'd say it was a great weekend for everyone!


Bill said...

Nice post!

Jean C. said...

What rich memories for you all! I love the pictures.