Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Conversation with Kevin........

Kevin: "Mommy, what are crayons made out of?"
Mom: "Colored wax."
Kevin: "Ear wax?"
Mom: "No, Kevin, like candles."
Kevin: "What are stingrays made of?"
Mom: "What are what made of?"
Kevin: "Stingrays."
Mom: " A Stingray is a kind of a fish."
Kevin: "And they don't have any bones."
Mom: "Uh, I dunno."
Kevin: "Mommy, what are houses made of?"
Mom: "Wood."
Kevin: "What else?"
Mom: "Metal."
Kevin: "What are the chimneys made of?"
Mom: "Bricks."
Kevin: "What are the windows made of?"
Mom: "Glass."
Kevin: "And what are those lines across the windows?"
Mom: "Uh...Window panes."
Kevin: "Because they pain to breathe."
Mom: "No, Kevin. Are you done pooping now? It's time for bed."


Jen said...

Too cute! Someone should write a book "Conversations with your Pooping Toddler." HAHA!

Lady Leth said...