Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Having three boys should make pretty much ALL my future Mother's Days interesting (to say the least).
I just hope(and pray) that none of my boys sing this one for me......

That said, here is one that made me cry. It was too adorable.......

Here is what Ryan (5) said at his M-Day party at school when asked:
"What does your Mommy do all day?"
"She washes dishes, she makes dinner, takes us to the zoo, she makes breakfast, she washes the house inside, she makes us lunch, takes a nap, she colors and plays with us."
(I think I have only taken them to the zoo once! Likewise for the nap!)

After all the hard work, there is nothing that fills my heart more than the " I love you, Mom"s. It makes it all worth it.

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Jean C. said...

How Sweet it is!!!