Friday, May 2, 2008

Turn It Up!

So I was driving along the other day, minding my own business, listening to my WOW worship cd, when from the back seat I hear...."Mommy, can you play another cd?" "Sure", I said. So I put in some other cd ( obviously it wasn't a good choice), because I heard..."no, Mommy. Put on some fancy music!"
Ah! ok....(what should I put on?)
So I decided to put in Jeff's cd of this...

I looked in the rearview mirror and saw a huge smile, and heard...." Yeah! That's fancy!!!"

Sorry all you SRV fans, he is now "fancy". Who knew?

Then when we got home, I HAD to bring it inside to listen to it some more. Here is what happened....

The dancing pajamas got a little bit crazy, but we had a lot of fun! Thankfully no lamps were knocked over in the process.


danielle said...

I just have to say, i can't believe Pop didn't comment on this one!

Bill said...

So, I click the link to hear SRV and my computer freezes up on You Tube. Then I figure, well maybe it's just the video. So I try a few other You Tube searches (Freddie Fender, Buddy Guy, Lonnie Mack, etc) and, you guessed it...nothing...the big freeeeze! So I forgot about it and a few days passed. Then I see this comment from my wonderful daughter-in-law...yikes! She's gonna think I don't love her & Jeff and the boys anymore; so I try to make up a Seinfeld excuse. (Not really...the above explanation is true). So then, tonight, I click the link and...clunk! This video (of SRV) is no longer available! I need advise...I think I'll go ask Bill at

danielle said...

Well I think you are having some technical difficulty for sure. I just clicked on it and it worked for me! Someone must have gotten to your computer!