Monday, May 5, 2008

Celebremos! Es El Cinco De Mayo!

I figured since it was Cinco De Mayo, it was a good excuse to "spice up" dinner! And have a little fun!

Our Cinco De Mayo Dinner Included:

Soft and Hard beef tacos w/ all the fixins
Spanish Rice
Tostitos & Salsa
Plantain chips
Coconut Soda
Pineapple Soda
And for Dessert: Chocolate Cupcakes.

Unfortunately we did not have any good music to play with dinner. The only thing I could find in Jeff's collection was Reggae or Luau. Not really gonna do it. That's ok. We had a great dinner!
Anybody want to share how you celebrated?


Bill said...

I'll take 3 to go!

Jen said...

I totally forgot it was cinco de Mayo! We have Mexican often as its our favorite cuisine! We miss Taco of the Town!