Friday, August 29, 2008

Real Life Thursday-ooops I forgot!

I forgot to do this yesterday! This week's theme for "It's Real Life" is called "How I Roll".
Here's a picture of my "wheels". A 2000 Honda Odyssey. Pretty sweet.

Here's the best bumper sticker ever-

My front console-

Let's see....we have my purse and diaper bag on the passenger seat, on the tray are some miscellaneous papers that I am sure I don't need anymore, but never make it to the trash. Also a kids cup(with cars on it. What else!) In the other cup holder is a toy garbage truck and my chapstick. Oh, and look- I forgot I had put a bag of baby carrots in the car from earlier today. Thanks Grandma!

In the first row of seats is where we have Sean's chair.

This is a picture of the cookie crumbs by Sean's step stool. Usually there are a few lollipop sticks as well, but I just cleaned a lot out from our trip at the shore.

In the back row-Ryan and Kevin's chairs and a small tub for some toys they like to have in the car.

Here's the back( where the bench folds into,) It's pretty empty this time. On the left is our portable dvd player, still in the car from the shore trip. On the right are a few bags to go to the thrift shop. Lots of crumbs back there. Why back there? What do they do, throw food over their shoulders?

That's Sean wondering why I am taking pictures of the car.

So, that's how I (we) roll!

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Bill said...

Nice Ride!
Dad C