Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What A Day....

Well, I took Ryan to the Dr today. I'm a bit suspicious of him having Lyme's Disease. The Pediatrician doesn't seem to think so, and that is good. I want to make sure, because if something like this is let go, Ryan will be much worse off.( And I probably wouldn't forgive myself for ignoring his complaints).
Soooooo, I had to break the news to him about going to you know, the Dr. And having to you know, give blood.
It wasn't accepted well. But I assured him I would have nothing but "special things" for him afterwards, since he was going to have to be a big boy today. So he agreed.

First, we went to the Pediatrician, who did his check, and then said to go on ahead to you know, the lab.

On the way there, we stopped by a good friend of ours who is a master upholsterer of classic cars.( Have I ever mentioned before how much Ryan loves ( is obsessed with) classic cars?

anyhoo, of course I forgot the camera, but he was working on the inside of one of these...

A 1940 Ford Sedan. Except the one he had was a really awesome shade of dark blue, and the inside was going to be a wonderful tan cloth/brown leather mix. oh, it was amazing!

Then he let Ryan see another he would be working on soon- a Chevy Impala-but I forget the year.....

It looked a lot like this one. Ryan was in his glory!!

Well, after that, it was time to go to the lab. We got there at 11:00, and they informed us that there would be about a 2 hr wait. (torture!)

So I left and took him to Mc Donald's, of course! That was a treat, since we never go there. He even got a Luke Sky walker toy! Then he started asking me a whole bunch of questions about Star Wars. ( which he has never seen). Ok, I've seen enough to answer the basics, but I hardly know enough about Light Sabers and space ships to answer the barrage of questions that were thrown at me! Ugh! So we finished, and went back to the lab

We got there and waited about 40 minutes before we were called, only to find out that she just wanted our paperwork, it wasn't really time for us to go in. (more torture). About another 30 minutes later we were finally called in. Ryan was scared, but he did a good job. ( I thought for sure it was going to take 3 Dr's 4 nurses and me to get this done-or some heavy sedation), but he gave them his arm, and he got through it. He cried , but he was a trooper! I was so proud of him!

So proud in fact, that after they gave him about three rolls of stickers for being so good, I took him straight over to DQ for ice cream.

Whew! Thank goodness that was over! Now, Not only am I exhausted from running around and from my nerves, but now my stomach is about to jump ship. I truly hope and pray that the test comes back negative. Please keep him in your prayers, and I'll let you know what we find out in a few days!


Jen said...

Oh poor little guy! I do pray he does not have Lyme's Disease - just about 2 weeks ago, my brother AND brother-in-law were both diagnosed with it - its pretty bad this year they say. Owen had it the month I was due with Little Owen, and it was T-O-U-G-H. I can't imagine a little one having it :( Lord, please let these tests come back negative!

danielle said...

Yeah, I was diagnosed with it in July. But i didn't know i had it. (no symptoms). I took meds for a month, and the dr said it should be gone after that, (i hope). Now after me (and especially Jean) having it, we are all paranoid!

Laurie said...

How long will it take to find out? We will pray it is negative and that he is feeling better.

danielle said...

It will be anytime now. We had it done on tuesday, and they said it would be around 3 days. If I don't hear from them today-friday-then I'll call on Monday.

Bill said...

I think it's (the Chevy) a '65+.
As for you & Ryan...nice job!
Former Blogger, Dad C
Hmmmm "Dad C...Dadsie...Dadcy" May just try another Blog!