Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Great Week at WOL Family Campground!

We had a blast at WOL! We were very blessed. It was sunny and warm, there were great people, and we made new friends! (big shout out to Lawn-Guy-lund!) hee hee. There were great speakers that helped us really "dig in" to the Word each day, and the kids had lots of fun in their programs, and with us as a family. We are so excited to go back! We even booked it for next year already!! Here are some of the pics from the week....

Here's a big beaver dam we found on the pond.

There was a great playground there for the kids.

The boys are getting ready to go out in a rowboat with Mommy and Daddy. Look how unhappy Sean is with having to wear the vest. Sorry Buddy! (He got over it.)

Here's the beach at Andrew's Pond where they hold the big campfires. See the wood is already stacked up for that night's fire.

Here's the fire!

We had lots of smores and lots of fun, and I don't think we will ever forget this trip! We are so happy we went!

We are working on our "Quiet Time" devotion books we bought there. We do it every day, and the boys know that by the time we are finished with the whole book ( 1 yr), it will be time for camp again! We can't wait!


Liz said...

How nice! Anna asked us to go next year too...don't think we'll do the camper, since we don't own one...maybe a cabin? We'll see. Loved the pics.

Jen said...

Hi! Still checking in on you! We are actually going there Labor Day weekend - it was great to get a little preview :) We're tenting it though :)

danielle said...

Oh! You will Love it! Have a good time, and email when you get back!

Bill said...

Very nice! I especially like the lake view with the outlet into the next lake. And the boys look so "boys" in their life-jackets.

Reepicheep said...

Cool pics dude.