Friday, January 4, 2008


Ahh, this morning I awoke to a quiet peaceful day. The sun was barely up, but at least we had slept in more than usual. It must be a holiday? No. It's only friday. While rubbing the sand out of my eyes, I walked into the dining room, and felt what seemed to be more sand underfoot. Surely I must be at the beach. Suddenly I could feel the warm sun and hear the waves crashing....

Then I woke up. It was really toys crashing in the other room. The sand underfoot was the million crumbs I had forgotten to sweep up yesterday, and also after clearing my eyes, it seemed the floor had a bit of....snow? no, it was those crazy white dots from the FLOAM they had played with.

A strange smell came drifting through the room, but alas, it was not the aroma of a freshly poured Pina Colada, but rather My beautiful 18 month old's first accomplishment of the day.

Ahhh. It is a great day. I have a Mops meeting today! So after we make some more crumbs from breakfast ( which I will not sweep because I will be in too much of a hurry to leave for mops), we will have fun with friends, come home, have a great lunch ( with more crumbs), and then play with some more playdoh and floam.

Life is good!


Jen said...

Too funny! I wish I had a MOPS meeting to go to! MOPS isn't working out this year - its from 9:30 to 11:30, but Owen gets off the bus at 10:55 - oh well, I still have a few more years with preschoolers and before Collin is in Kindergarten! You are a great writer Danielle!

Anonymous said...

I can't really relate because my house is immaculate, Floam is illegal out here, and Kate changes her own diapers.
But I'm also still asleep in happy dreamland, so that doesn't count.