Friday, January 18, 2008

Breathe Deep

Sean has had his fair share of sickness this winter to say the least and it is still ONLY January.

During Christmas he had Bronchitis, immediately followed by a pretty nasty sinus infection. Only a week after he was off the antibiotics, he was afflicted with "pink eye". This was especially fun, since Jeff and I had to hold him down to administer treatment. One of us would sit on his legs while the other would hold his arms and pry his eyes open, so the one sitting on him could squeeze in the drops.

Whatever picture you may be imagining right now is probably accurate.

So today's Dr visit was because he seemed to me to have bronchitis again, but the dr doesn't seem to think so.

FYI: Mothers don't like it when dr's tell them something different than what they think is wrong with their precious child.

So.... the Dr. has ordered some breathing treatments to see if they "do it". Okee dokee!

Here is a picture of my sweet Seanie. As soon as I turned the machine on, he picked up the mask and covered his face with it. So happy to oblige! He stood in the livingroom for the entire time just having a blast!


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Grandma Jean said...

Oh Seanie, we sure do pray you are feeling all better soon! What a sweetie you are. We love you and miss you! Grandma and PopPop