Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh, what a beautiful mooorning!

It seems that in our family of 5 only one of us is actually a "morning person". That would be Ryan. The rest of us usually get up feeling a bit, shall we say, "crusty"?
Today was a bit of a rough go, as it tends to be on school mornings. Here is a tasty tid bit of the excitement which ensued BEFORE 7am:

5:30 Sean up.
watched a little Elmo: "flowers, bananas & hair".

6:00 made Sean an egg, which when done cooking, did not want.

6:15 Ryan and Kevin up.

6:30 poured cereal for boys: Ryan's choice: frosted shredded wheat. dry. (I know)
Kevin's choice: cinn. toast crunch w/ milk

6:40 Sean crying and whining. won't stop. I don't know what he wants. he doesn't know either. I think it wouldn't seem so loud, if only I'd poured that first cup of coffee....

6:45 Kevin joins the whine/cry, as he has dripped a small drop of milk on the table, (since he scrapes the cereal off the spoon with his teeth which is inducive to dripping). Because of his crying he is now choking/ gagging on a cinnamon swirled, sugar crusted toast square. At the same time Sean is still crying and now Ryan is asking repeatedly for a drink. ( I guess the dry shards of hay finally got to him).

6:50 Everyone ok? good. poured some cereal for Sean. It seems all he wanted was what his brothers were having. cereal. ok.

6:55 Terrifying shrill screams of fear and pain are heard from the living room, as Daddy attempts to remove the splinter in Ryan's pinkie finger in a most efficient, yet somewhat speedy process since he will have to leave for school shortly and still has not finished getting dressed, making his lunch, shaving his face, and warming up the car...

7:00 Daddy kisses everyone and runs out the door. Things start to calm down a bit. The door opens....across the kitchen I hear: " Is there an ice scraper in here anywhere????"


I'm sure the rest of the day will be much smoother sailing. right?

"This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us REJOICE and be glad in it!"


Pop Pop said...

Sounds like life in "Avonlea"! (We've been watching the series)
Or, "Our 3 Sons" or "What's My Line?" You two are a big part of this "Father's Pride!" (In the Lord of course)

The Colarusso Family said...

ha! some days like Looney Tunes!