Sunday, January 6, 2008

New living room colors

In response to a comment on our super fantastic new living room color combo (chosen, of course, by Danielle) here are before and after pictures of the colors.

BEFORE (plain, bland, blah gray with wood trim. you can see the trim in the reflection in the mirror) These are pictures from Christmas 2006

AFTER (color, sweet color! great job oh awesome wife o' mine!)

The colors are: spicy cayenne, pumpkin butter, and the trim is swiss coffee. All Behr paints from Home Depot

3 walls are pumpkin butter
The fireplace wall and the hallway outside the LR are spicy cayenne

Special thanks to my Dad for helping with the paint job.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed--we have wood trim and white walls right now, so it's pretty close to your before picture--and the thought of painting all that is daunting!
Thanks for the pictures, Jeff! Maybe someday we'll actually be able to come out and see you guys in person!

nancypants said...

Very pretty! Such relaxing colors!