Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Hard Cooked Does Not Mean Hard to Break"

So we colored Easter Eggs this past Saturday! That was allot of fun! Of course you realize this was Sean's first time with this. Need I say more? Sean, being only of a 19 month old mind is unaware of the delicate nature of a chicken egg, boiled or otherwise. We did manage to come away with some decent looking eggs, and the boys of course had a blast!

Of course aside from the standard PAAS coloring kit, I just had to pick up this CARS kit as well.

Yes, I realize Kevin is sitting on the table in these pictures, his little arms couldn't reach the cups!

Here they are "resting" in their color baths

Daddy is showing Sean how to make a cross on the egg with crayon!

And now for a little drying time. For the boys this was torture! The eggs had to be completely dry before they could add the final touches! The CARS stickers!! Notice the beautiful shades of The King's Dinoco blue, Chick Hicks green, Mater's rusty orange, and Luigi's bright yellow.

It's a funny thing when you try to tell a 19 month old to be careful or gentle with an egg. Trying to get some of the eggs in or out of the dye cups was interestingly enough, a challenge. Really? Why of course! Seanie who wants to try to do everything ,not to be outdone by his two older brothers, insists on having no help. This can create a small problem when working with eggs.

Nonetheless we managed to work together and Sean's eggs didn't turn out too bad. In fact, I think the crack patterns are beautiful and a work of art. I would even go so far as to say they we intentional! We have an artist for sure!

Not only beautiful, but delicious as well!

Oh, and by the way, We have ultimately decided that our Resurrection eggs need to ALL be opened EVERY day. It was a bit difficult at this stage to try to get the story told one egg at a time and in the right order. So each day, they open all the eggs, and ask me about the different pieces. Inevitably, as I am telling the story about one, it goes into another naturally. They are having fun with it. I just hope I can find all the pieces for next year. Sean has NOT tried to eat the crown of thorns, but he has attempted to eat the dice (die?) from one of the eggs. At least he's not running around poking his brother with the toy sword!


Anonymous said...

the egg coloring did bring back images of coloring days of yore...it's good to see all of you having fun...

love, DAD

Danielle said...

Hi Dad! Glad you are checking in now and then! We miss you!

Reepicheep said...

That's a cool head of hair your boy has! Great pictures.