Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Alright, so I admit I took out the plastic eggs a bit early this year. But how can you resist those colors?

Are they not lovely? For plastic eggs, I mean.
And I can tell you this...if you need something for the kids to do, give them plastic eggs and they will stay busy for a long time. Behold.........

I also went to a local Deli and asked them for some of their leftover empty egg cartons. They were more than happy to give me not only the regular dozen carton, but also a few of the 30 ct. cartons which were way cooler!

Omlets anyone?

Boy, I'll tell ya, $3.00 for 150 plastic eggs at Walmart is an Easter miracle for sure!
By the way, here are Mommy's eggs:

Not to be included in the omlets!

We also have a special Easter egg carton filled with these:

Resurrection Eggs

Each egg has in it a small trinket ( symbol) that helps teach the Easter story to Children. There are bible verses in a booklet that come with it, and as your children open the eggs they learn about the meaning of Easter in a visual and meaningful way. This is the first year we are trying this, and we are excited to open these up and read to them. Our boys already know what Easter is all about, but I think the problem might be more in the way of:

Who gets to open the eggs first on a given day

"He has more than me"

"Seanie lost all the pieces!"

"Seanie ate the crown of thorns!"

I think there are many valuable lessons for ALL to be learned as we embark on this endeavor together!

I'll let you know how it goes!

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Bill said...

Nice eggs!
Nice smiles!
Nice mothering!
Nice "manly links" Jeff!
Nice attention to the Resurrection!