Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

Today we went to an Easter egg hunt at a farm that belongs to a family from our church. This is a major event, and is done up big. In the food department, that is! Eggs shmeggs, Let me see that food! :)
A fantastic spread is laid out of all kinds of hot casseroles, ham, chili, french toast, eggs, turkey, potatoes, sausage and peppers, etc, etc, etc. you get the picture! Then there is the dessert and fruit table. Forget about it! I can't even tell you what's on it! Too much! We won't have to eat for a week! And it is all homemade. Thank You so much, Janet for all your hard work and being so gracious!
OK, so this is really for the kids, right? oh yeah, the eggs. right. So out in the fields lay an abundance of plastic, treasure filled eggs just waiting to be discovered by about 40 kids.
Three rules apply
1: don't spook the cows
2. watch where you step!
3. big kids: if you see a smaller child with no eggs, please share.
good luck everyone!

The toddlers were sent to a smaller field, while all the others were sent up to the big fields.
Of course we have no pictures of them picking up any eggs. Why, you ask? Because by the time we got to the field it had already been raided by the faster, older kids. Thankfully they remembered the rules and were very happy to share their treasures.

here are some pics from the day

Kevin wasn't feeling too well. It shows on his face. Plus, it was pretty cold out, which added to his displeasure

"Sure, I'll smile for the camera. But when they say go, just get out of my way"!

lots of cows means lots of you know what.

This is Gunnar. I took this picture for Nan! He is a gentle old dog, who Sean just fell in love with!

Sean doesn't know how to say "doggie" so he calls him "oof"!

I don't know what this dog's name is, but boy was he extra fluffy!

So needless to say, we all had a good time and alot of good treats, and we can't wait to do it again next year!

PS - I might add that this farm is where we get our beef from, so chances are we'll be eating one of these cows soon. Yum!


Jeff said...

"lots of cows means lots of you know what..."

yeah, and for the record, Ryan & Kevin had me take a picture of a big fresh pile of "you know what", but Mommy wouldn't let us post it!

I'll have to start my own blog page to post that one...

Nan said...

Awww!! Look at that old Golden boy! He's so cute!

danielle said...

Hey there! I knew you'd like him! He was so sweet! I thought of you as soon as I met him! He almost made me think about getting a dog for a second!

Nan said...

LOL! :^D