Thursday, April 10, 2008


What? You never saw a giant pig wearing glasses before? See, this is exactly why you should never leave home without your camera! This was actually at a farm nearby, that I pass frequently. Apparently, the pig was made around Easter time and will be taken down soon, so I am lucky to have discovered it! I took the boys to see it the other day, but I went back today to get some pics! I just had to share him with you!

I just love him! The boys thought he was really cool! He is made entirely out of hay, spray painted pink. How creative! I wonder if they will make any other animals this year?? I think we should buy a second camera just to keep in the car!


Lady Leth said...

That is awesome!

Liz said...

Love the pig Danielle - just want to pass this along, now my sister has a blog!!! You have been an inspiration to us all!!! Go to my blog to get hers - "My sister's blog" - Liz

Pop C said...

'cause you never know.
Nice pic for that new book "Life At Home In America" (or something like that)!