Saturday, April 12, 2008


It is my hunky hubby's birthday today! the BIG 34! It was a great day, perfect sunny warm weather! We had fun outside with the boys all day! After lunch, we came in for some birthday cake!!
I made the cake yesterday, but trying to keep it from little hungry fingers was tough. It is a take off on what Nan made, check it out here. She did a great job!! She used the recipe found here, for "Homemade Devil Dog/Hostess Cake". My version is of course due to lack of time and lack of "privacy". (too many little cooks in the kitchen). I did not have time to make the whole cake from scratch, nor the dark chocolate ganache. But by golly, this is close enough!

I used a box mix for dark chocolate fudge cake, since Jeff prefers DARK chocolate.

After making the two cakes, I made the marshmallow frosting from scratch, and piled it on between the layers. Mmmm, good! At this point, the sound of the mixer going has attracted onlookers.....

Great Googly Moogly! Get those fingers away!

Now, instead of the chocolate ganache, which I totally did not have time for, I just bought the can of DH Dark chocolate icing, and whipped it in the mixer for a few minutes, just to make it go a little farther, and soften it up.

Just look at that white dreamy frosting! It's like a fluffy cloud!!

And here it is with our missing pieces, the marshmallow frosting oooozing out the sides! It was sooo moist and delicious! But best of all, Jeff liked it! I'm so glad! And we are all very glad you enjoyed your birthday! We love you very much!!



Pop C said...

I can almost taste it!
Actually, I know it was very good!
Happy birthday Jeff!
Dad & Mom

Liz said...

Happy B.D. Jeff - Danielle - your cake looks sooooo good - I want a piece mouth is watering. That fluffy white filing must have tasted the best! Liz

Reepicheep said...

Happy late birthday dude!

May, you're a young pup.

May God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Belated birthday Jeff,
Lisa and I were in Quebec, going over old ground and seeing sights when I went to Quebec years ago to attend Laval university....great place and fun to renew my conversational french...enjoy your birthday octave and all that goes with it.


Nan said...

Glad it came out yummy! Looks super delish! :^D

danielle said...