Thursday, October 2, 2008

Signs Of The Terrible Two's

1. Milk splattered against three out of four walls in the morning.
2. Goldfish strewn down the stairs
3. UFO's (aka full dinner plates) flying though the air with such precision as the Olympic Discus throw.
4. Screams of displeasure which measure at decibels to be heard not only throughout the entire neighborhood but probably also on Jupiter.
5. Stomping and kicking with such force as to believe you are in the midst of a stampede on the African plain
6. The word NO uttered more times than you can count
7. A migraine the size of Texas
8. Heaven's phones ringing off the hook with requests for this to please end swiftly and a little less painfully


Jen said...

Here come some gray hairs! And the 2s are coming at such a "perfect" week. How does 3 year old preschool sound right about now?

The Crazy Bus said...

I know! Hopefully it won't last too long. The other boys weren't like this. They had a bit of a rough 3rd yr, but nothing like this!

Jen said...

Yeah, our boys had a rough time at the beginning of 3. M was 2 as well, and didn't last long (although it felt like it during it!) - it must be a 3rd child thing!

Anonymous said...

We should get Sean and Katie together. It would be hysterical to see who could throw the biggest tantrum. I really think Katie would win...
She threw a fit today because her balloon flower (made by a man on stilts, no less) was pink and purple instead of orange and yellow like Ellie's. And she cried when her cupcake didn't have sprinkles anymore.
Gotta love the 2's!!!!

Anonymous said...

One more thing--I hope you don't mind, but I'm stealing your crayon idea today. The girls will love it and I'll be sure to tell them that it was Auntie Danielle's idea. :) I miss you guys!

danielle said...

That makes me feel so much better! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I have a 2 year old boy & I think he's going through the terrible 2s but I'm not sure if its normal. From the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep he is throwing tantrums, screaming his lungs out, crying for hours at a time & fighting with his older sister about every little thing. He is my first boy & my daughter never gave me this grief at all. His pediatrician & cardiologist said that he's just a boy going through the terrible twos but it all seems just to much to be the terrible twos.

Anonymous said...

HI! I feel your pain. actually... all of mine went thru a bit of the terrible two's but what was worse was the age of three. my youngest will be 4 in a month, and I cant wait for three to be done!
two's can be very bad. But dont rule out the fact that there could be a medical issue involved that he cannot express to you other than through frustration. watch for signs of change in eating habits or ear infection,allergies, trouble with bowels or urination etc.
that said.... I think my youngest boy was the worst partly because he was my baby and i didnt "stay on top" of him like I did with the other two and so he pushed my buttons more. I have also gained alot of insight from the book: How to talk so kids will listen & listen so kids will talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. It has good pointers on how to get your child to cooperate without things getting ugly.
I hope this all helps. I'm glad you stopped by my blog! I haven't blogged since the birth of my 4th child but I really want to get back into it!