Saturday, October 11, 2008

Adventures In Mothering!

Our local MOPS group has officially started here, and boy am I excited! I LOVE Mops. I so look forward to those meetings. Seeing my other mom friends,talking,eating (of course),hearing speakers, making crafts! All this while the little ones are off enjoying their classes and having fun themselves! This year I only have two with me. Ryan graduated from mops now that he is in Kindergarten.

So the MOPS theme this year is " Adventures In Mothering". Whew! What a statement that is! Nan, I know you can attest to that!
Some of the girls and I were talking about what we think of when we hear the word "adventure". First, I think this:

But then Great Adventure is purely fun. Mothering is not always fun. So When I try to think of "adventure" again, I come up with this:

Well, this isn't exactly it either. Too much danger in this one. Although sometimes it does seem as if this is me:

I have a bloggy mom friend who's had a roller coaster of a day. Through it all she has a great sense of humor! You have to read her story.
We all have crazy days at home and even crazier experiences when we are out in public!
I guess that's all part of the "adventure". We will be going over many different aspects of this mothering adventure during this years Mops season. Hopefully we will be uplifted and encouraged, while having fun along the way.
So here we go girls! Buckle up and enjoy the ride!


Liz said...

Hi - good seeing you at MOPS, but I didn't get a chance to even talk with ya! I heard Kevin and Sean are sick are going through some "adventure" with them being sick. Talk to you soon. Love, Liz

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

It's always an adventure-mothering.


Nan said...

Oh my goodness!! Baby Mine by Allison Krauss... that's my favorite lullaby by one of my favorite singers... ((sigh))

Thanks for the link love girlfriend!