Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Don't Think He's Gonna Make It.....

Well, today is day 9 of watching our chrysalis's well, just hang there. Bubba was the first one to make his, so he should come out any time now. Really, any time. We are worried that it might happen when we aren't home. What do we do? Do we cover the jar? Do we leave it uncovered and risk coming home to him flying through the house? Do we put the jar outside? What if it rains? What if it's too sunny? Is he going to feel any pain? Will he look for us?
We check Bubba constantly. Staring. Monitoring every.little.change.
Sometimes we think we see a change in the chrysalis, but it's our eyes playing tricks on us.
The suspense is killing me! He could be here any moment now! We don't want to miss it!
This is like having a baby!

And then there's Dopey (aka: Jasper). We think he's not going to make it after all. As you all know, he had been through a bit of a struggle early on.(that being death, and the resurrection thereof, thanks to Jeff). After that, he seemed to be a bit on the shall we say, "slow side'. Or rather to say "just not right"
Well, this morning I saw what looked like a small "drop" near the top of his chrysalis. "Hmm, that's strange. That doesn't look quite right? hmmm."
Well, after we got home from church, we checked on Dopey, and there was a definite oozing of sorts coming from where the original drop was, and at the bottom there was a "drip" that was just hanging at the tip as if ready to fall to the bottom of the jar, but it never does. *ick*
Something has gone terribly wrong.
So, we had to tell the boys that we think he is dead. What happened? Why is he dead?
Well, sometimes these things just happen, you know. Something went wrong. Maybe he was sick and we didn't know it. Maybe he was in the water too long before Daddy got to him.
We may never know.
It's quite sad. But at least we still have three others to watch. We will keep you updated on Bubba's progress. I sure hope we don't miss it. I sure hope I don't wake up in the morning and see him trying to make friends with the kids fridge magnets. Oh, well. I'll let you know!

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Jen said...

Poor Dopey! That's exactly what happened the fall we sold our house - we too witnessed one hang itself upside down and then pull the cocoon over itself (amazing!), and then the other, well, it just oozed - we saw what happened though - one of the other caterpillars (before they made their cocoon) actually attacked it! So when it bit it (I assume), it started to ooze, and well never made it :( Fun stuff!