Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My Big Ry is 6 today! I can't even believe it! He's having a good day today. we sent cupcakes into school for him. He came home with all kinds of goodies and was so excited. i think tonight I will make macaroni and cheese for him since he likes that a lot.

He was feeling a bit goofy today. Hmm, wonder why?

So this Saturday we are having just a few of his friends over for a little while. He wants a "classic car" theme. Well, I'm not going to have a big theme party for three kids, but I did go here:

Only his favorite place in the whole world, The Chatterbox Restaurant. When kids eat there, their food comes out in a car shaped box. You know, a 57 Thunderbird or a 55 Bel Air. Well, I went and picked up a few for the party to be used for "goodie bags"(boxes). He'll like that. And Jeff is getting some cd's of doo-wop 50's style music (just like we hear at the chatterbox).

Then on Sunday, we'll have some family over after church. Mom is making him a Cars cake. She found a cake pan shaped like Lightning McQueen. It is a bit on the small side, so she'll make two to make sure we have enough. Shh! Don't tell Ryan!

So Here's a Special Happy Birthday to our Big Ryan! We love you very much and we hope you enjoy your Birthday. Here's some special pictures in celebration of Ryan



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little boy. I miss him like crazy and wish sooooo much that I could be there to say happy birthday and give him a big hug. I'm sure Ellie will want to color him a special picture and send it in the mail, though. :)
....and I really wish I could go to the Chatterbox, I'm really hungry. Denis and I go there every time we're out there now. So as I'm typing this Eddie Arnold singing 'Up on the Housetop' came on my itunes. It's kind of wrong and disturbing to hear it right now.
Auntie C

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Ryan!

The Crazy Bus said...

That's ok, Carrie. My boys made me watch Charlie Brown Christmas last week. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ryan,
When next you come to we have an antique auto museum to show you.!!!!
Enjoy your special day and there is a tradition out there that the birthday boy on his birthday selects someone special to give HIS gift to...think about that..

Grandpa in saratoga
love you, always listen to Mom

Jen said...

I was just coming on here today to tell you about the Saratoga Auto Museum too! That's pretty funny! Their car show in the spring is very neat and we've been there 2 years in a row now!