Friday, May 29, 2009

The 36 week pregnant belly...MOVING!!

Here is a one minute video of the incredible moving belly!

36.5 weeks along, and ready to come out! We're ready for you to come out, baby girl.

The Dr. says Danielle is full term, and the baby's head is down low. She says Baby Girl could come at any time in the next couple of weeks. Check back often!


Jen said...

WOW! That is precious! I know right now you are probably dying to have her do that OUTSIDE of your belly, but I tell ya, give it a few months, and it will give you baby fever again (I can't believe I'm saying that!).

That is so incredible! How wonderful that you got that on video! One of the best things in life is that, and one of O and my favorite pasttimes in the evening too! Oh thanks for sharing that - I love it!

I hope the next few weeks stay as cool as this - I mean, I'd like it warmer, sure, but I know you must like it better than the hot and humid stuff!

Sheeran Family said...

She's so active!!! That is the coolest thing. :)
While my girls moved around in there, it seems like your baby girl is moving furniture.

I can just see her in there thinking "Okay, the spleen would work better over here (shifting, shifting) and let's see.....hmmm....aha! The bladder works much better down here... (stomp, stomp, stomp!!)...there. Nice and comfy. Now to do some somersaults."
Pat baby girl for me, okay?

Jean C. said...

What an amazing clip! We have another mover! She will have those happy tapping Irish feet for sure!

Bill said...

This belongs on Youtube...hmmmm.

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

The best. Simply the best.

Joyce said...

By the looks of things she is going to give her brothers a "run for the money".

Jen said...

I keep checking in :) Can't wait to hear about the newest Colarusso :) Hope you are feeling well :)