Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why Do Pregnant Women Cry About Everything!!

It's pretty pathetic, actually. Here's a prime example. I saw a great movie the other day that you just have to rent. Maybe some of you have seen it. It's an older movie. It has everything.... action, adventure, suspense. Of course Good -v-Evil! And yes, the handsome, young guy does get the girl!
I was on the seat of my pants at every action-packed, danger filled turn!
And then there's the part at the end, where our young hero finds his father whom he has never seen. At this point, our brave soldier is being tortured by his captor and is near death. His father fights off and kills the enemy, saving our young hero from certain doom!
But alas, his father is now weakened from the fight and lies helpless on the floor, dying.
Kneeling down to help him, the two now really see each other for the first time. But they must leave now! They are in a dangerous place, and the shelter around them is about to be destroyed in a matter of moments! They must leave now or they will certainly die!
Our brave young hero attempts to lift his *sniff * dying father, but he says, "No, Son. Go! You must go without me!"
"No Father! I can't leave you now! I must save you!"
But with his last few breaths his father says *sniff * "You already have, son. You already have."
* sniff * *sniff *where's the tissues in this house, anyway?
Um, so then * sniff * he does get out in time, and takes his deceased father's body with him to be burned and buried respectfully.
And at the very end, all people everywhere are rejoicing because the good guys have won the battle, and the forces of evil has been overcome once and for all!
**** sigh. It's such a good movie.
Anyway, I bet you know what movie it is now, don't you? Have I given it away? Yes, I am talking about The Return of the Jedi.
That's right folks. Better get out your tissues for this one. It's a real tear jerker.
I am so pathetic.


Liz said...

Never saw the movie.....I cry about everything too, and I'm not pregnant!

The Crazy Bus said...

believe me, Liz. If you see this movie, you'll understand why I am so pathetic to cry during it. It's like crying during Indiana Jones or something! :)

Tiffany said...

So today I was flipping through the pages of my notes and I found a page with this website on it. I totally forgot that I had written down an address so I would be able to see Sean grow through out the year. I just wanted to congratulate you on your pregnancy and I look forward to getting to meet another lovely child from your family. I have put in my application for the summer so the plan is for me to be back at the good old FCG this summer. I hope I get to see you and the rest of the family there.
Tiffany Colwell
Sean's tot's town teacher 2008