Sunday, July 13, 2008

Creeeeepy Crawlies!

Can I hear everyone shout ICK! I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Life with boys is turning out to be very interesting. I'm just going to leave it at that. Just because I have to live it, doesn't mean I always have to like it! What with the bats, bugs, bees, and whatever else they happen to squish and hand to me on a given day. Ugh.
Example: One day young Ryan was playing outside when he happened upon a gift left for his Grandmother by their loving cat, Patches. Note: The gift had been somewhat, shall we say, "disassembled". He excitedly came inside and said, "Mommy! Look what I found!" I put out my hand, and he gently placed into it what resembled a chipmunk paw. I somehow found enough composure within me to say, "Ok, honey, now go with Pop Pop to wash your hands."
Once they left the room, that was it! I had a momentary freak out, while disinfecting my hands. Meanwhile Grandma was outside scooping up what remained of her "gift".
I've since learned to not put my hand out so quickly. You never know what they are going to give you.
So here are some of their latest discoveries:
A snake in the tall grass. You see, there was a slight weedwacking mishap. Oh, and then the rake. Yeah, I know.

That's Jeff's size 13 workboot next to it. He estimated it to be a good 20 inches long.

The boys were freaked out a bit when it moved even after daddy said it was dead!
Then there was this black, *gulp* icky spider I found in the corner of the deck building a nest. eeeeww!

It decided to crawl up into the nest. oh yuck. * shiver*

And lastly, Kevin and Sean were playing with a new buddy...

A moth. He's not too bad here, you know? But just wait. When it's late at night, and you've had to go out last minute for milk at the store. He attacks you by the porch light on your way in the door! Ahhhhg!


Jean C. said...

Good thing so far they have all been outside!! Just wait till one gets displayed on the dining room table! That day IS coming! Tee Hee! Love those little boys!

Jen said...

Ewwwww is right! You know what is funny? I have always tried not to share my fear of creepy crawlies with the kids, and so far it hasn't affected the boys one bit; but Maddie was just naturally born afraid of bugs. I'm acting the same in front of her, the boys aren't afraid, so its something she was just born with!

jeff the snake slayer said...

Ok, I have a confession to make. I lied to my family. I didn't "hit it with the weedwacker accidentally".

I saw it and killed it in cold blood. I hate to kill an animal for no reason, but consider the alternative. I would have had to tell my beautiful bride that I saw a 20" snake where the kids play and let it go. Death to the snake or death to me?? Which should I choose?

I actually killed it with the heel of my boot.

Liz said...

Boys will be it here too...Davey loves bugs, frogs, snakes, and we have turtles here as well...all outside I mean. I just killed 2 huge spiders....Davey watched, and said, "good job Mommy", so cute!! Enjoy it all now...they will grow so fast.

Jen said...

Okay Danielle - post a picture of a flower, a recipe, a pretty room in your house - ANYTHING! Every time I check here and see those creepy crawlies.........**shiver**


Anonymous said...

Okay, that spider was absolutely disgusting.
But I wanted to respond anyway and say that I really miss your boys. Please give them big smooches from all of us out here, okay?
By the way, I once cried when I tried to kill a spider in my house and it got away. I seriously cried. Nasty things.
Carrie (and Denis, Ellie, and Katie)

Caroline said...

wow Danielle... you are brave!