Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

"An Ode to Dad"

He lets us help him mow the lawn, and help when leaves need rakin'

He always shares his favorite foods, even if it's bacon!

He likes to build and fix things too, because he's very Strong!

He always plays piano, and sings us lots of songs.

Every Day our Dad is fun, we hug and like to play

Every night, we read our books, we hug and kiss and pray.

He is a very special Man, we Thank You, Lord above

for giving us this special Dad who we cherish, respect, and love!




Liz said...

Love the poem Danielle - so sweet! Liz

danielle said...

Thanks Liz!! OOOh, I am so glad you commented!! Nobody has made a comment on my posts for a while. I thought all of my readers had left me! *sniff*

Jean C. said...

Hey there! Wow! What a nice poem. Did you compose that poem yourself?

danielle said...

yes I did, Thank You very much!

Jessica said...

That is so cute! Your husby is so lucky.

Bill said...

Wow! What a tribute and display of love and respect for your wonderful husband. Love, Dad C
PS: Ever consider writing a book?

danielle said...

Ha! I've got a million of em!

Jean C. said...

You never cease to amaze me!